Sunday, August 20, 2006

Investment - Your Home - The Home Plan

Your Home Plan as Investment
By Donovan Baldwin

Today, a home is not just a place to live or a shelter from the weather. Many who buy a home plan to sell it. Purchasing a home has for many become something of a home business - no pun intended.

While a home also reflects the personality of the people who live there. At the same time, the home has now become a personal investment. Many people, like one of our close friends, invest their money in their own home rather than an IRA, stocks, FOREX, bonds or other forms of real estate. For many homeowners, this can be a huge and rewarding investment.

Most people, hearing the words home plan think of the planning for building the structure itself. However you must also have a "sell your home plan" if you are intending to use your home for an investment. Either home plan can seem to be a complicated thing, because of the many factors involved in each. You have to sort through all the factors of your intial home plan to get the house you want to live in, and you have to take a look at all the factors of your "sell your home plan".

As in many important decisions, a personal list of positive features and expectations, followed by negatives should be one of the first steps in establishing a home plan or in planning how, when, why, and for how much to sell your home. Next, talk to friends and perhaps even professionals in the home planning field. Read a few magazines. Look at the pictures. Whether your home plan is intended to please you and your family, or to make a home that you plan to sell for the most profit at a later date, it is important to include as many assets as you can.

You may choose to plan a home that has never been seen before. You may wish it to be airy and spacious. You may wish to include the most up-to-date electronics or energy efficient features which will bring value to you and your family while increasing the investment value of your home when your "sell your home plan" says the time is ripe.

Another factor that is important when you begin your home plan and later when you plan to sell your home is location. Your should you plan the home to fit in with the surrounding environment. The location of the home should be pleasing to you, but it should also be such that when the plan says it's time to sell your home, it will be a valueable asset attracting homebuyers.

Whichever end of the home plan process you are looking at, there are professionals to help you with decisions, and there is even software to assist you in everything from planning your new home to planning to sell your home. There are many sites on the internet where you can find people and information to help you with both sides of the home plan process...the plan to build or acquire a home, and the plan to sell your home.

Whether you design a home planned to satisfy you and your family, or you plan your home with investment in mind, a little thought and effort will be rewarding. Your home plan is important.
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